Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Aluminum Ain't That Bad Anymore

I was watching Texas play LSU in the college World Series last night and as per usual, the discussion of the evening was the aluminum bats versus wooden bats debate. What I learned during this debate, besides the fact that my new puppy's puling can stop down any conversation, was that baseball fans love them some wooden bats.

Everyone I talked to support the wooden bat over the aluminum one. I understand that the wooden bat is more natural and it takes some of the crazy science out of bat performance and determines success more by a batter's skill level. I think it would be wonderful to have wooden bats again in college baseball.

It's not going to happen.

Wooden bats have the unfortunate habit of breaking and not all
schools can afford a gigantic bat budget. Aluminum bats just make more financial sense.

The problem was that at one point, science was changing the way baseball games were played. Super bats were helping teams drive baseballs out of the park at alarming rates. After a ridiculous 1998 final where fans saw Southern Cal beat Arizona State 21-14, restrictions were placed on aluminum bats.

Since then, I don't see a huge problem with the aluminum bats. Last
night's game featured lead changes and extra innings until LSU finally pulled out an 8-7 win. There's nothing wrong with that.

Sure, the use of aluminum bats make the pitchers duel less likely, but I'll take a tense, entertaining game any day of the week. Just enjoy the sport. And Erin Andrews.

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