Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Know It's Just Soccer Here, But DAMN

Forget for a moment that soccer ranks just above archery on the list of popular professional sports in America. Just look at what just happened with the United States men's soccer team for what it is.

A freakin sports miracle.

I know, I know. It wasn't a championship game. This isn't the World Cup and no
trophies are being given out.

But let's just take a second and give the U.S. soccer team it's due after today. This is a team that didn't have any business being in the second round of this world tournament. They slipped in because a goal differential stat. No one really cared anyways since they had just watched the U.S. get toyed with by Italy and then pasted by Brazil. They beat Egypt (wwweeeeeee!!!!!)

But Italy got beat by Egypt and Brazil, so the United States found themselves in the next round. Now they had to play the Spaniards, a team whose daedal soccer stylings had lead to a record tying 35 game unbeaten streak.

The Spaniards had breezed through the first round undefeated scoring eight goals and giving up a big donut on the scoreboard. Meanwhile the U.S. was 1-7-1 against top ranked teams in soccer. Not confidence inspiring is it

THAT is why this win is so huge. Spain was the top ranked team in the world and a sure-fire pick to destroy the U.S. men's team. Spain out shot the U.S. 29-9. When the U.S. scored, it was the first goal Spain had given up in 451 minutes dating back to April 1. Blah, blah, blah.

Spain lost. The U.S. won. David felled Goliath this day. The United States became the Cinderella team of the tournament for a day.

Even if they get beat by Brazil 15-0 (possible), the U.S. put their stamp on the tournament. I don't care if you aren't a soccer fan, just enjoy the moment.

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