Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fantasy Football 2010 Preview--WR

I'm going on a zombie pub crawl tonight, how about that? So it's time to figure out which wide receivers will be dead ends (HAHAHAHA kill me) this season.

Wide receivers are more up and down than any other position. One week they'll give you 150 yards and two touchdowns and then the next week they get shut down for 30 yards. This is because so many things have to go right for an NFL passing game to work. If your offensive line sucks, your quarterback won't have time to throw the ball deep (ask Greg Jennings owners about that problem last year). If you quarterback sucks, he might miss when the receiver is wide open (ask Steve Smith owners about that last year.) I happened to own both Jennings and Smith so I'm an expert on the subject and I also nearly had a stroke every Sunday last year.

The key is getting the receivers who will be a big part of a good passing offense. These are the receivers that offensive coordinators figure out ways to get open. It doesn't matter if a defense aims to stop them, the offense will find a way to make it work. That's the key in receiver grabbing during the early rounds. After that you just grab guys that you hope will emerge as pass catching threats. Let's took a look.

Top Dog: Andre Johnson
There isn't one mock draft that doesn't have Andre Johnson as the number one receiver. The guy is a beast. If you're sitting in the back half of your first round, consider passing on a running back and getting Johnson, he's as close to a sure thing that a receiver can be. He's big, fast, and he has a pretty lethal offense around him. He might be doing nothing for you and then BAM! he has a 69 yard touchdown. It's the way that offense works and he will always be in the mix for the ball.

Grenade: Dwayne Bowe
He's very boom or bust, but Bowe is the man in Kansas City. The only issue is his work habits. More accurately, it's coach Todd Haley's concerns with Bowe's work habits. Haley likes to play mind games with his players and do things like put them at third string so embarrass and motivate them. As a result, people get scared off by Bowe. He's not being drafted until the middle of the sixth round in most leagues and he's by far the most talented receiver in K.C. The Chiefs will be behind a lot so that means plenty of targets for Bowe. Boom.

Torpedo: Donald Driver
Poor Donald Driver. He's been nothing but consistent over the past few years and this is how I repay him. Football is a vicious bitch of a sport and Driver is old, that's the problem. He's old and he has two freshly operated on knees. He's a gamer, but there's a good chance Driver gets hurt or is just a step too slow this year. That means a big drop in production. Considering he's being taken less than a round after Bowe, he should be avoided.

Deperation Pick: Lee Evans
You've spent your drafting loading up other positions and now you find yourself looking for a second or third receiver in the tenth round. Not a good position to be in. Get Evans. He'll drive you insane because he's the poster child for getting you 30 points one week and 3 the next, but he's the number one receiver in Buffalo and that means they'll at least try to get him the ball. Just don't watch his games because it will drive you crazy. Don't watch Buffalo Bills that's good advice.

Andre Johnson
Randy Moss
Larry Fitzgerald
Calvin Johnson
Reggie Wayne
DeSean Jackson
Miles Austin
Roddy White
Greg Jennings
Brandon Marshall
Marques Colston
Steve Smith-CAR
Sidney Rice
Anquan Boldin
Steve Smith-NYG
Chad Ochocinco
Hakeem Nicks
Michael Crabtree
Dwayne Bowe
Mike Sims-Walker
Percy Harvin
Jeremy Maclin
Johnny Knox
Santana Moss
Terrell Owens
Malcolm Floyd
Lee Evans
Vincent Jackson
Dez Bryant
T.J. Houshmandzadeh
Devin Aromashodu
Pierre Garcon
Robert Meachem
Derrick Mason
Jabaar Gaffney
Golden Tate
Mike Williams
James Jones
Dexter McCluster

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