Monday, August 16, 2010

Fantasy Football 2010 Preview--QB

It's my birthday and yet here I am helping you prepare for your fantasy league. You're welcome. And yes, I know I'm pretty pathetic. Just shut up and read:

Like the other positions, I've already discussed quarterbacks on the PantsCast which you can download as an MP3 if you'd like some entertainment. We do have ourselves some fun on there.

If you're so terribly busy that you can't or you're just too lazy to be bothered, here are some thoughts on the QB's.

Quarterbacks are the position that can most change depending on your league settings. If you're a touchdown-heavy league (50 yds passing = one point and TD's = six), then you really want a quarterback like Matt Schaub: a guy in a good offense that can't run the ball in short yardage situatuions. In this kind of league you drop down guys like Tony Romo and Matt Ryan because both play for teams that like to hammer the ball in the running game which means a greater chance for a rushing touchdown.

If you're in a standard league (25 yards passing = 1 point, TD's are six points) then here's what to look for:

Top Dog: Aaron Rodgers
Rodgers led all quarterbacks in scoring last year and that was with two dead offensive tackles. There were no deep threats on Green Bay last year because Rodgers would be buried in the dirt before he could throw the ball. Yet he led fantasy QB's in scoring. Now his linemen are healthy. Do the math.

Grenade: Kevin Kolb
Kolb is only the tenth quarterback taken this year because no one knows what to expect from the first year starter. If you find yourself late in the draft with no quarterback, get him. He's been studying for three years under Donovan McNabb and now he will quarterback a passing offense that has DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin. The last quarterback to tutor under a passing legend for a few years before he started was Aaron Rodgers. See above.

Torpedo: Phillp Rivers
I don't think you should worry if you get Rivers. He'll be solid. The problem is he's being drafted with the top QB's. He's missing his best receiver for at least three games and it's possible Rivers won't get him back again. Plus, stud offensive lineman Marcus McNeil is holding out. Even if he makes it back before the season, he'll be behind schedule. What makes Rivers the biggest torpedo candidate, however, is the drafting of running back Ryan Matthews. Last year the Chargers couldn't really pound the ball, so Rivers took to getting the ball to his running backs via the pass. This year, count on the rookie running back to get the ball early and often. Good for the Chargers offense, bad for Rivers' numbers.

Desperation Pick: Joe Flacco
Aw crap! You trade to make it one more round before you picked a quarterback and now four teams just made a QB run that left you in the dust! Not to worry, just draft Joe Flacco. He's ready to bust out and he has Anquan Boldin now. Plus, he's being drafted as the 13th quarterback in most leagues. Get him and pick another quarterback whose schedule meshes well with his (hint: Donovan McNabb should still be around). Then you can play mix and match with your mest match-up every week. My only concern with Flacco is the run first attitude of the Ravens.

Aaron Rodgers
Drew Brees
Peyton Manning
Tony Romo
Matt Schaub
Tom Brady
Philip Rivers
Kevin Kolb
Brett Favre (just tell us you're coming back you jackass).
Jay Cutler
Joe Flacco
Matt Ryan
Eli Manning
Donovan McNabb
Carson Palmer
Matt Satfford
Ben Toothlesburger


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