Friday, August 27, 2010

Fantasy Football 2010 Preview--RB

Okay, it's draft time for most of you, so let's go over the most important position on your team. Running backs won't score the most points and with the pass happy offenses these days, several receivers can score nearly as many fantasy points. So why are running backs considered so valuable? Because like some bitter woman once said about men; a good running back is hard to find.

If you have a top pick in your fantasy draft, you almost have to spend it one with the holy four backs: Chris Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Maurice Jones Drew or Ray Rice. All four of these guys are rare birds. They are the workhorse running backs which is a position that is quickly becoming extinct in today's specialized NFL where you have the big back and the "change of pace" guy.

The other reason running backs are so important early is that there is usually the biggest point discrepancy between the top running back drafted and the last running back drafted versus any other position. If you wait too long to get your running backs, you're going to be giving up a lot of points to the league members who grabbed them early.

THAT'S why all you see on mock drafts are running backs running backs running backs.

Top Dog: Chris Johnson
Look, I usually hate taking a consensus number one pick because the chances of him being number one two years in a row are slim, but Chris Johnson...daaaaamn. Barring injury, I don't see him slowing down. He plays in a run first offense with a defensive minded head coach who won't abandon the run. Plus, he's just a missed tackle away from going for a 78-yard touchdown. You're sitting there watching him get handled by a defense and then BAM, he's got 100 yards and a score. Can't argue against that.

Grenade: Joseph Addai
He's going in the seventh round and he's a starting runner. Everyone is worried about Donald Brown stealing carries and he will, but Shonn Green and Ryan Matthews are going in the top two rounds and they have third down backs to deal with. Don't give me this "Indy is a passing team" crap. Peyton knows how to use the running game to manipulate the defense. Addai won't get ignored.

Torpedo: LeSean McCoy
Not being drafted until the sixth round, but he's still being used as a starting running back. McCoy will be in an Eagles offense that is used to the smaller, quicker, Brian Westbrook. Plus, he has a first time starter at quarterback in front of him and word is McCoy isn't doing so well at picking up the blitz. Did I mention the Eagles' offensive line has been injured all pre-season? I smell growing pains. No, not the 80's sitcom.

Desperation Pick: Carnell Williams
You drank too much during your draft and passed out in the middle rounds. You wake up to see that you still need to fill a running back slot and it's the tenth round. Fear not dumb one, grab Cadillac. He's an injury risk, but he's the starter in Tampa. You aren't getting another starter in the tenth round unless you draft with monkeys. Then, maybe.

Rankings: See, this is how much I care about you, the PantsCast reader (even the Chinese ones who send me spam.) I'm giving you rankings knowing damn well the people in my fantasy leagues will look at it and use it agianst me. Best of luck to the Pantsers and to my leauge mates: screw you. Get your own rankings.

Chris Johnson
Maurice Jones-Drew
Adrian Peterson
Ray Rice
Frank Gore
Michael Turner
Steven Jackson
DeAngelo Williams
Rashard Mendenhall
Shonn Greene
Ryan Mathews
Cedric Benson
Jamaal Charles
Ryan Grant
Jonathan Stewart
Pierre Thomas
Jahvid Best
Joseph Addai
Beanie Wells
Knowshon Moreno
Matt Forte
LeSean McCoy
Ronnie Brown
Arian Foster
C.J. Spiller
Michael Bush
Justin Forsett
Rickey Williams
Cadillac Williams
Ahmad Bradshaw
Thomas Jones
Jerome Harrison
Marion Barber
Clinton Portis
Felix Jones
Montario Hardesty
Brandon Jacobs
Darren Sproles

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