Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oh, you're back.'s it going?

Imagine, if you will, being an integral part of a successful business. Just roll with it, okay? You aren't having a great year, but your work history shows you to be a competent worker who can be a big help when pressure situations hit. Plus, no one else can really do your job, so you're pretty important to the company.

Then o
ne day the boss man walks in and tells you that you've been transferred. The company just doesn't have enough money to keep you. But your boss knows another company that can use you so you'll be doing the same job, just with a different organization, not as good as this one, but one that is still growing.

You s
ay bye to your friends in the company and they're unhappy to see you go, but what can they do? You deal with all of the emotions for a day and finally get some closure to your move and arrive at your new company ready to work. Except the new company doesn't want you anymore. They send you back to the original company. So you're basically back at your original job, but with the knowledge that you were this close to leaving forever.

Do you think things might be a bit awkward with upper management? That's what the New Orleans Hornets are dealing with now as Tyson Chandler returns to the team after being traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder this week. Apparently a trainer in OKC didn't like Tyson Chandler's toe and thought it could be a constant problem in the future. So, after a fe
w tautological plane rides, Chandler ended up right back where he began his week.

The question is will anything ever be the same here? Sure, Chandler and the rest of the Hornets can say whatever they want about moving on, but I don't know if that can happen.

Chandler knows he was deemed expendable by the Hornets. Whose to say the same thing won't happen next year or in the off-season? If went through this experience, I would make sure I was only renting a place in the Bayou City. Chandler can talk about staying focused and doing his job, but it's a bit hard to commit to an organization that doesn't seem to be returning the favor. Playing because you're paid to do so is not the same as playing for a team you really want to be on.

Speaking of getting paid, I wonder what this does to the psyche of the Hornets. Chandler wasn't traded so that the Hornets would get better. He's a valuable center for the team albeit one who is not playing well this year. The Hornets made the trade purely to save some cash because they will have to pay a luxury tax since they're over the salary cap right now. No one likes to pay taxes, but fans do not want an owner whose primary goal is not winning a championship.

Hornets all-star point guard Chris Paul has to be wondering now if management will
ever take that extra step to help win a title. He admitted to being stung (no pun intended Hornets fans....okay maybe a little) by the Chandler trade as did head coach Byron Scott. I'm sure both will now say that they're happy that Tyson is back and look forward to working with him as they make a push for the playoffs. But if push comes to shove, do Paul and Scott trust in support from management?

And what if the OKC trainer is right about Tyson's toe? Maybe he's damaged goods who is doomed to seasons on and off of the injury report. That will tarnish his standing in the organization and while he has a couple of years left on his contract, two more injury plagued seasons basically guarantees that Chandler will be gone from New Orleans.

Welcome back, Tyson. Don't get too chummy.

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