Monday, April 12, 2010

Not Good Vs. Evil, But Good Storyline Vs. Bad Storyline

I'm not a golf guy. I find it gut crushingly boring and I don't understand how people can sit there listening to an announcer whisper while a guy stares at a course for five minutes and then hits a ball. I mean, I thought baseball was slow.

But Tiger's return caught my attention. Not enough to actually watch golf, but I did follow the leader board to see if Tiger was back. He was for several days and then he faded.

Instead, Phil Mickelson won the Master's tournament and got to wear the hideous green jacket. And that's where the fun began.

If you haven't already heard, Mickelson's wife was diagnosed with breast cancer not too long ago. She's been suffering and has been too weak to attend any of Phil's recent golf matches. Mickelson has always been a family first guy, so the news hit many golf fans harder than if it were say...Tiger Woods.

So there it was on Sunday. Mickelson making a few slick shots and going on to victory. He immediately went over to hug said wife who was only strong enough to make it to the course that day and still had to just sit at the 18th hole because she couldn't walk the full thing. It was a Hollywood moment.

Meanwhile, there was Tiger, looking miffed and being very short with the interviewers after the match. Apparently all of this Zen Buddism that Tiger had once again embraced wasn't making him very happy.

So naturally, the story was about the family guy with a cancer riddled wife beating his arch rival who was out with whores while his wife waited unsuspectingly at home. That was the natural progression of things.

I've read Facebook messages and have already seen the backlash against the good triumphs over evil storyline. I understand. First of all, it's Tiger. Most of us want to see him and the golf ratings show that. Secondly, the story is way too black and white. It wasn't Ghandi beating Osama Bin Laden. They were two rival golfers. One beat the other. That's what happens.

Well, get used to it. Tiger brought it on himself with his actions and he will be part of these type of comparisons for a while whenever he's beaten by a seemingly decent man. Call it his pennance. It's the storyline and whining about it won't help anything.

It's what sports moments are all about.

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