Thursday, March 11, 2010

When It's More Than A Loss

Upsets happen in the college basketball conference tournaments. Highly ranked teams go down early all the time.

So why would it be a big deal if Georgetown upset Syracuse in the Big East tournament?

Well, it wouldn't be under normal circumstances. The Orange are still making the NCAA tournament, they'll still be a top seed, and they'll still be on the short list to make the Final Four....maybe.

It all depends on one MRI.

Arinze Onuaku is only 6'9", but he's the biggest person on the team (260 pounds) and a senior leader. He anchors the middle and does a lot of dirty work. That's fairly important during the Madness of March.

Onuaku's knee will be the most talked about thing in the Salt City over the next day. If he's okay, the Orange dream goes on. If he's out, the Orange bubble gets a nice fat pin stuck into it.

So we'll find out in a day if the Orange just lost a game, or lost a big chance. All for one play. I guess there's something in there about fleeting chance at success or somesuch. Whatever, take what you want out of it.

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