Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bleeding Brackets Means Love For The Underdog

So your brackets are bleeding after the Kansas debacle, the Villanova shake down, and the general blood-letting of the three and four seeds (there is only one team left of each seed and that would be Baylor and Purdue...not exactly a murderer's row).
But you're still holding out that just MAYBE you'll still win your pool. A few upsets here, your darkhorse here....

Here's some more sobering news for you: Michigan State and West Virginia just lost their engines for the rest of the tournament.

The Spartens are lead by Kalin Lucas and with him they destroyed Maryland in round two. Then he got hurt and Maryland nearly pulled off a miracle comeback. Cool game? Yes. But it should serve as a giant warning flag to those men who wear green and those who have those men wearing green sneaking up towards the Final Four.

Michigan State was a fun darkhorse pick this year because they had the look of a late season attacker. They made the final game last year. THey had a rough patch of season this year which dropped the seed down, but they still had Tom Izzo coaching and Kalin Lucas running the show. Oops.

It doesn't stop there though. West Virginia was also a major player in the Final Four hunt. In fact, I had them knocking off Kentucky in my personal bracket. Then I read this.

Can I have a mulligan? There's no worse position to lose on the court than the point guard during tournament time. That guy generally determines the pace, controls the ball, and keeps the offense moving. Without the regular point guard, an offense can turn into one giant fire drill.

I know, anything can happen in the tournament, but maybe you should just accept the destruction of your bracket and root for a historic run by an underdog...unless the guy next to picked Northern Iowa to beat St. Mary's in the final.