Friday, September 10, 2010

NFL Season Predictions

The NFL season has begun and I just realized I haven't given you my season predictions yet. Since I know you've just been dying to hear from me, I'll go ahead and give them to you now although you would have heard them weeks ago if you'd just download the PantsCast.

One thing to remind you of: in today's NFL, playoff teams from a year ago only return to the playoffs at about a 50% rate. You'll see some new faces in the playoffs this year.

My Division Winners:


NFC West- San Francisco: By default really. Arizona has a quarterback who has the touch of a refrigerator shot out of a cannon. He looks like he attempts to put holes in his receiver when he throws it to them. The Seahawks have a bunch of players who are either too old or too young to be successful right now and the Rams are the Rams. They're terrible. So congrats 49ers, 8-8 should get you into the playoffs this year.

NFC South- Atlanta: Just a gut pick really. New Orleans is on a roll already, but I can't shake the feeling that everything just came together for the Saints last year. They'll be good this year, but just not dominant. I also pick the Falcons because no team has repeated as champions of the NFC South. Carolina is right up there with the other two, but I can't pick them until I know what Matt Moore has at quarterback. If he throws it to his teammates, he'll be a step ahead of Jake Delhomme. And bringing up the rear is Tampa Bay. They're way back there trying to get the anchor up to the pirate ship.
NFC North- Green Bay: This division once again comes down to Green Bay and Minnesota. I pick Green Bay this year because they look like they're ready to roll. It won't be easy though, the Vikings will still be powerful. I pick the Lions to overcome the Bears this year. Detroit has been a division joke for so long, but now they have hope and while they know they can't catch the top teams, my guess is that they'll target the Bears and go after them. Chicago has zero line and an aging defense. The entire coaching staff will be gone by the end of the season.

NFC East- New York Giants: This is always the most difficult division to pick. I'll say the Giants because they'll be motivated. They sucked at the end of last year and it was embarrassing considering they started 5-0. Dallas is the chic pick to win this division, but the schedule is harder and the offensive line is way too banged up to be excited about them. Philadelphia could be a sneaky division pick, but that means you'd have to ignore new quarterback Kevin Kolb completely bombing during the pre-season. More offensive line troubles too.


AFC West- San Diego Chargers: Again, who else can you pick? The Raiders dumped fatty JaMarcus, but I'm not picking them to win a division. I have no idea what the Broncos are doing, but it isn't going to help them this year, especially since their best pass rusher tore his pectoral muscle. Ouch. Kansas City is just too bad to win a division yet. Vomit.

AFC South- Tennessee Titans: Not the Colts?! I don't know why I'm picking Tennessee. To me both the Titans and the Texans are desperately trying to catch up to the Colts. I just think Tennessee might do it this year. The Texans could do it too, but they melt down so much late in gmaes, that I just can't trust them. Then there's Jacksonville. Forget about them. You'll never see them on television since they don't sell out their home games, you want hear about them in the playoff picture, and you probably won't see them in Jacksonville much longer.!

AFC North- Baltimore: Ignore the ridiculous problems in the defensive backfield (I think Chris Rock was brought in at one point to play cornerback) and just look at the rest of the team. The offensive line is solid, the back field is tough and Joe Flacco is knocking on the door of QB stardom. On defense, the front seven are beasts so if the secondary can just not be pathetic, the Ravens will be tough. The Bengals are the ex division champs and are basically a halfway house for NFL morons. I really want Cincy to win the division and I really want them to enter the stadium in a clown car and have all 22 starters fall out. It fits. Pittsburgh can't be counted out, but you have the Big Ben supsension for a month, you have offensive line troubles, and you have a rough late schedule. Not good. Cleveland...thanks for showing up this year. Maybe in 2011. Maybe.

AFC East- New England: While the Jets are Hard Knocking, the Pats are getting ready for the season. The Jets definitely have the talent to take this division, but I get the feeling the team has the arrogance of a Super Bowl champ and yet they haven't even been to the Super Bowl since the Beatles were still a band. That's not a good sign. Get the attitude after you show up, guys. Miami is some wierd mix of Parcells guys (big, unassuming guys) and freaks (Brandon Marshall and Ricky Williams). They should be tough, but something is missing...oh right, a secondary. The Bills are basically the NFL version of the Phantom Zone. They won't be easy to beat, but they aren't winning anything.

Playoff Wild Cards:


Minnesota: The Vikings won't beat the Packers out this year, but they know this probably Brett Favre's last go around for real, so they'll be desperate to win.

New Orleans: You can't totally write off a Super Bowl champ. Especially when they have Drew Brees.


Indianapolis: You can't totally write off a Super Bowl runner up. Especially when they have Peyton Manning.

Cincinnati : I just really want the Bengals to win. It's good entertainment value.

I'll say Ravens over the Packers in the Super Bowl though I hope I'm wrong. I don't want the Ravens to win.

NFL MVP: Aaron Rodgers. He's gonna light it up like Christmas tree.

Rookie of the Year: Ryan Matthews. He'll just get more chances than other rookies.

So there you go. A quick run through the NFL 2010. Luckily, I can edit this when my picks go flaming out of contention.

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