Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ocho Cinco Gets The Point

I've had multiple people ask me if I'm going to write about how boring the NFL Pro-Bowl is.

No, I'm not.

What's the point? We all know it's awful. The players don't want to play in it. Unlike the NBA or baseball or even hockey to an extent, you can't play football without collisions. These guys have spent the last five or six months slamming into each other. The last thing they want is to do it again. That's why so many players beg out of playing in this sham of an All-Star game.

There's no Peyton Manning, no Drew Brees, Bryant McKinney got kicked off the team because he didn't bother to show up at practice. Does this sound like the ultimate NFL honor? It's a joke.

So how do you make it more interesting? You go to the one man that knows how to make a game more fun.

I beg you NFL, to hire Chad Ocho Cinco as a public relations guy. Unlike the stiff white suits that populate the NFL offices, Ocho Cinco actually knows how to have some fun. Instead of coming up with an excuse as many veterans do, ole 85 is happily down in Miami and he has an idea:

Let him kick.

He wants to kickoff, he wants to kick a field goal? Hell, let him! He's on to something!

No one wants to watch guys play a game they don't care about, that's what the pre-season is for. So let guys do whatever they want on that field.

Let Ray Lewis play running back so he can be on the other end of those collisions. Vince Young wants to try tight end? Sure! Chirs Johnson can be a speed rusher from linebacker. Let linemen play the skill positions. Let the defense play offense and vice versa. Turn the thing into a circus. It will be more entertaining.

And mic the guys up when they're on the sideline. Let them talk to each other. Run the mics through the stadium loudspeaker if you want. If a guy doesn't want to do it, then he doesn't have to do it. If a guy curses, he's out. No more mic. Just take a risk.

It's almost like turning the Pro-Bowl into a WWE event except it's real and these guy can really play. I want to hear them, I want to see them trying new things. Listen to Ocho Cinco, he wants to bring change to America. Or at least the NFL.

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