Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Good Show

So you're not much of an Olympics fan, huh? You don't really follow the weird sports on there and therefor aren't interested in what's happening up there in warmish Vancouver (probably better for Summer Olympics wouldn't you say?)

Well human, you are missing out on some great stuff.

Right at the front of the awesome train is women's downhill skiing. Yep, women's skiing, led by hot American Lindsey Vonn. You might know Vonn from her sultry pics, which is a good way to know her.

Here is another way to know her: gold medalist of downhill skiing.

Let me tell you, the women's downhill skiing was nothing less than spectacular this year. That is coming from someone who doesn't watch it ever. The warm Vancouver weather played havoc with the downhill course. The snow was a melted slush of tightly packed snow and ice. The result? A lot of this:

Imagine getting in a wreck going 65 miles per hour. Now imagine doing it without a car around you. Doctors said the impact on some of these crashes is like being hit in the chest with a sledgehammer.

Lindsey Vonn had such a wreck earlier in her career and could do nothing but cry breathlessly has medics strapped her to a board and fly her out. She didn't miss any upcoming races.

Then, later, Vonn ended up with her wrist in a sling. Again, she fought through and competed in all the races she had.

These Olympics were supposed to be the time when she finally got healthy and showed everyone what she could do. Unfortunately, she badly bruised her shin and it looked like she may not even be able to compete. Another chance bites the dust.

Luckily for Vonn, the Vancouver weather acted up and gave her a few extra days to heal the shin before she needed to ski. The extra time allowed her to compete in the downhill race she wanted so badly to win after the flame-out in the 2006 Olympics.

This is what we saw last night

If you don't get chills from that video, then you've lost your sports heart. It ain't about the stats. It's about the sports.